How It Is Done

  1. The outside shape is cut with homemade tools or metal shears.

  1. Design work is done with sharp chisels on the anvil.
  2. Forming is done with blunt tools or hammers on a soft background (Lead).
  1. After a piece is cleaned and oxidized it is polished, anti-tarnish treated, inspected and attached to its individual display card.
  1. Any necessary assembly is done with an acetylene torch and silver solder.

Stuart Nye Since 1933

Inspired by the blooms outside his workshop window here in the mountains of Western North Carolina, our founder Stuart Nye made his first Sterling Silver dogwood pin by hand in 1933.  Since then his original designs have become nationally known and loved.

Though styles, uses and sizes are in constant change and we now work in copper and brass as well as Sterling, our basic designs after all these years are still Stuart Nye's.

As many things have changed, many remain the same.  "If it ain't broke don't fix it".  The tools of our trade are simple ones.  Chisels made from old files, punches made from nail sets or common nails (we make our own to fit our needs).  Metal shears and hammers from the local hardware, lead for forming that we mold in a cast iron skillet and anvils a blacksmith could use.  No one remembers where we got the anvils or when.

The beauty of our jewelry does not come from the tools.  It comes from the inspiration that nature can give to a man who will take the time to look and from the skill and dedication of our craftsmen.  We are mountain people with a heritage of craftsmanship.  We take pride in our work and in our good reputation.

Our goal is to produce jewelry of extra ordinary quality for ordinary people to own and enjoy.

Handmade is just a word until you see it done and so we welcome you to visit our shop, as many people do each day, to watch our craftsmen at work.  If you are ever in our part of the country we hope you will stop by.