Order Information

Order Information

This Catalogue pictures our jewelry in Color with a Dime to help you visualize the size.

The Item numbers, Descriptions and Prices for each item in each metal are displayed with each page. The few items that do not have a price in copper or brass are items we do not make in those metals.

Ways To Order

1. Place a Secure Order Online:

Just follow the "Products/Shop Online" link to enter our online store. We accept Visa or MasterCard. You can order on-line using our secure server, or by calling 800-456-1933 OR 828-298-7988.from 8-3 Monday thru Thursday. You can call my cell anytime: 828-231-8218.. My name is Joe Morris.

2. Order By Mail:

You can to use our printable order form and mail us your order. Alternatively, you can use our website to add items to your shopping cart. The program will calculate your order total. Continue through the screens until you get to the one that asks for your credit card number - which you can leave blank. This screen will have all the information we need to fill your order. At this point, you can print out the the screen and send us the printed information along with your check.

3. Order by Phone or Fax:

You may Phone your order to us TOLL FREE 1-800-456-1933 and use any major credit card.


(1) Ship your order promptly by prepaid parcel post

(2) Each piece is attached to its own individual display card and gift boxed if you wish.

(3) Any item that is not entirely satisfactory can be returned for exchange or refund.

(4) If in the future a piece of our jewelry breaks we will repair it free of charge if

    (a) all pieces are returned and

    (b) it isn't worn out. (Include $ 5.00 handling charge) 

(5) We will refinish any of our jewelry @ $2.00 per bloom. (Include $ 5.00 handling charge)

(6) If you lose one of our ear rings you may return your remaining one and we will make a match for it at one half the pair price plus $2.00 per bloom to cover the cost of refinishing the ear ring returned. (Include $ 5.00 handling charge)

**We know it would be more convenient if you could buy our jewelry locally. If there is a nice shop in your area that you could recommend, please let us know and we will contact them.